Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MarketingMonger podcast on SNA

Eric Mattson called me from Sweden last week to continue his quest to conduct 1,000 podcast interviews. You can listen to the result here; I hope you enjoy. Eric and I had fun, anyway. Eric's post includes links to UCINET, InFlow, TeCFlow, and NetMiner. In hindsight I should have also given him the link to VisiblePath, which I described at length in the interview.

BTW, I won't be offended if you listen briefly and then get frustrated with my slow talking. If that happens, just check out this other podcast interview of me, which was accelerated by an audio compressor in order to present me in a more fast-talking style (with less about software tools and more about bridging and bonding forms of social capital).

Podcasting in general is something I am not keeping up on, with the singular exception of Tony Kahn, who produces and directs the Morning Stories podcast for NPR. It's a funny and touching look at everyday people.

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Matt said...

Very interesting podcasts, informative and not too boring, thanks for the information.