Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Social network analysis and the story of digital identity

Aldo Castaneda produces "The Story of Digital Identity," a weekly podcast in which he interviews various personalities in this rapidly emerging field. Somehow my name slipped into his schedule. The result is this twenty-minute interview featuring my ramblings on social capital, bridging, bonding, SNA, digital identity, and why we are at a(n) historical crossroads in the interplay between organizations and technology.

I had a great time meeting with Aldo for the interview, and the experience has reminded me to pay more attention not just to the field of digital identity but also to the medium of podcasting. Others eager to learn about podcasting may want to check out Boston University's Podcast Academy, April 28-29. (Thanks to Erin Rodat-Savla of ICEX for the tip.)

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