Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They Run Richmond: SNA by The Times-Dispatch

Thanks to Marion Kane of the Barr Foundation for pointing me to "They Run Richmond," a story about the power brokers of Richmond, VA. The story features a fun interactive network map of people (circles) and organizations (squares):The network map (which the paper calls a "spider chart" and a "smashed windshield") entirely omits links between people, instead connecting them only via shared organizational affiliations. That's an implicit nod to how most relationships arise from circles, a phenomenon discussed in this post about "How to build your network."

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Thomas Summit said...

yes, i agree that most connections especially professional networks arise from company or affiliation connectivity. I have written a short piece to explain and contrast this approach to the "Weak Ties" theory of Granovetter.

Thomas Summit said...

yes, i agree that connections are built through affiliations and companies. I wrote a short article regarding this subject and addressing the "Weak Ties" theory of Granovetter.