Tuesday, April 26, 2005

LeaderValues adds social networks to its pages

Networks are generating a lot of buzz these days. And thanks to the Internet, the barriers to publishing are practically nil. So how is a googling network neophyte to find his way? (Besides subscribing to Connectedness, of course.)

One good place to bookmark is the new Social Network page published by LeaderValues. Focused on "Getting Better Results, Together," the LeaderValues organization has built an impressive library for students and practitioners of organizational leadership. All the articles are submitted by experts in their fields. The social networks page features such luminaries as Patti Anklam, Rob Cross, Valdis Krebs, Karen Stephenson, and Duncan Watts.

I am honored to be in the company of these and other contributors with this article on "Structural Holes and Collaborative Innovation."

Melanie Smith, Editor of LeaderValues, says "LeaderValues is dedicated to furthering knowledge and discussion about leadership and values issues. We serve students of leadership, the academic community and business leaders – with special emphasis on multicultural, transnational issues.

"We have been in operation since autumn 1997, and get over 1,200 visitors a day. Last year we reached one million page views. Yahoo! And Google list the site in the top ten in their “Leadership Development” directories.

"Subjects on the site include leadership principles, value systems, change, paradox, globalization, corporate governance and innovation. Besides a focus on the 4E’s Leadership Model, we have a fully searchable library of something over 300 guest articles to date. You can find examples a http://www.leadervalues.com/themes/default.asp We also feature a very well regarded and free on-line leadership assessment, analysis on historical leaders, slide shows (with downloads), links and book lists, and a discussion group. The site carries daily leadership news feeds, and we publish a monthly opt-in newsletter.

"Founder Mick Yates was Regional Chief Executive for Fortune 50 corporations with special focus on Asia Pacific. He now lives in the UK, working as an independent consultant and writer. You can find out more at http://leadervalues.com/support/default.asp"

"We are very happy for our material to be used for teaching or other purposes, provided appropriate source recognition is given. We are also very happy for LeaderValues to be linked to others."

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