Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A couple notable events coming up

Things have been getting crazier around here lately (in a good way) so I am feeling just a tiny bit behind in my blogging. I guess that's inevitable. If I wrote about every good idea I had, how would I ever get to do anything about them, much less think of new ones?

In that spirit, what better way to log an entry with minimal effort on my part than by highlighting a couple upcoming events?

First is MeshForum, a multi-disciplinary extravaganza in Chicago, May 1-4. I've heard good things about the organizers of this conference, which has a very ambitious agenda to bring together network specialists from all disciplines. I can't make the trip but I am eager to hear about it from any of you who do. In my experience, creating a productive dialogue that includes so many perspectives is challenging, to say the least; but if these folks pull it off, then the participants will have a lot to write home about.

After MeshForum, you can fly directly to Boston for the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) 2005 KM conference, "Building Learning Organizations." Unfortunately registration is closed for this one (even the waiting list, sorry) but even so I recommend the GEO website to you as a resource for bringing the network perspective to nonprofits.

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