Thursday, May 14, 2009

Student leadership: thank you Sidney Efromovich

Collaborating with Nat Welch of CFAR has taught me the virtues of Found Pilots and the Campaign Approach to Change -- the progress you seek already exists as deviant behavior within the present moment.

I was "lucky" (I keep telling myself) to find lots of deviant behavior among my most recent cohort of students at Boston University. For example, the most popular student project featured a wonderfully deviant title: "Ben Timmins worked a ton, and all he got was this website."

My favorite found pilot was the unauthorized work of one Sidney Efromovich, BU '09, founder of the Hug Don't Hate Movement. Starting from day one, Sidney typed all my lectures into an encyclopedic set of Web pages. The whole semester -- every example I explained, every diagram I drew, every definition, equation, formula -- all of it Sidney not only included in his site but also improved in the process.

Having worked 3 years (a lifetime?) to develop a beginner-friendly and conceptually rigorous curriculum for the undocumented field of Web Science, I am very grateful to Sidney for so artfully, faithfully recording our spring 2009 improvisation on that theme. I am even more grateful to Sidney for giving me every artifact of his Web site as a parting gift. An honor and a privilege to have worked with you, Sidney!

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