Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Leadership for a New Era

"You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that was used to create them."
--Albert Einstein

Leadership for a New Era is an initiative led by the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) with the mission to transform individuals and society by connecting the learning and practice of those who support leadership that is committed to promoting social and economic equity.

Claire Reinelt, Director of Research and Evaluation at LLC, says the initiative is focused on "contributing to a shift in our current leadership thinking from a primary focus on the individual to approaches that support leadership in the context of collective work, networks, communities and social movements...."

Today Claire invites you to share your leadership and learning. She posts on the Leadership Networks discussion forum:
"What do we know about leadership networks that others may not have considered or that they have a tendency to forget? As part of the Leadership for a New Era collaborative learning initiative, we want to share this wisdom with leadership programs and community initiatives, many of which seek to build social capital and network capacity. Here is what I came up with.
  • Successful networks are not sustained they are unleashed.
  • Remember that people are nodes in multiple networks.
  • Bridging across boundaries increases the probability of innovation.
  • Those on the periphery of a network offer pathways to new allies.
"What is your wisdom?"
I am especially fond of the first bullet! You can respond to Claire here.

PS: For extra credit, I will add this to Claire's question: In reference to the Einstein quote above, what different level of consciousness do we need to solve (as opposed to create) our problems? For example: higher or lower? Someday, perhaps, I will post on why I personally favor the "lower" path.

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Hannah said...

I really want to work on my leadership skills and this might really help. Thank you for posting this.