Thursday, May 31, 2007


While many of my colleagues are attending this week's Network Roundtable conference, I am preparing for my "User Needs" presentation that will help kick off Ben Shneiderman's University of Maryland HCIL SNA Workshop Friday. Basically they want me to complain about SNA software for 15 minutes, thereby giving the lab some potential material for future projects. It will be hard to contain my complaining to 15 minutes--partly because there are so many things to complain about, and also because Ben has assembled a great collection of people to talk to. We met each other over dinner tonight--we are a multi-disciplinary group united at a precise common interest in social network visualization. I am lucky to be here and pretty excited about getting such an audience to sit and listen to me complain for 15 minutes. Now all I need is $10,000 from each of them for the privilege and we'll really have something.

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