Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Network weaving blog by June Holley, Valdis Krebs, and Jack Ricchiuto

June Holley, Valdis Krebs, and Jack Ricchiuto have recently started a Network Weavers blog. (Thanks, Valdis, for alerting me; and a special shout out to Jim Murphy @ ODLG who got the news to me almost as fast as Valdis.)

Linking to fellow network weaving SNA practitioners is where I find my blog persona simultaneously at its most powerful and vulnerable.

Vulnerable, because I have met with hoped-for clients who have gushed, "You have a great blog, Bruce. Thanks for linking me to Valdis Krebs."

Powerful, because putting network weaving at the heart of my own business helps set an incredibly productive tone for all of my projects and, in my fondest hopes, contributes in some way to establishing a positive communal identity for all my fellow SNA practitioners.

For more on the somewhat counter-intuitive power of giving away referrals to the competition, see my reporting of last year's KM Cluster, where Steve Borgatti spoke very eloquently on the topic.

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Valdis said...

Thanks Bruce!

Whenever people contact me for software and they are writing a thesis I usually send them to Steve Borgatti. When they are looking for software to handle huge amonts of data [> 100,000 nodes] I send them to Vlado and Andrej for Pajek.

Practicing Wayne Baker's Union Strategy [close the open triangle (span the structural hole)] works well in the long run, even though sometimes you miss a client in the short run.

SteveHabibRose said...

Good to meet you, Bruce.

Just as an illustration of how this stuff works, Bruce, I just found out about your blog because I knew about June, Valdis, and Jack's blog.

So, June, Valdis, and Jack, thanks for linking me with Bruce Hoppe!

Looking forward to getting to know you and your work. It Takes Us All!

in community,