Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kate Ehrlich Speaks on Collaboration and Social Network Analysis

The Boston KM Forum hosts monthly discussions on knowledge management. The conversations often delve into tools and technology that don't interest me much, so I miss more meetings than I attend, but it is a good forum for Boston-area KM professionals to keep on their radar.

This month features a couple interesting events. One I will be sure to attend is a presentation by Kate Ehrlich on June 16. Kate works in IBM's Collaborative User Experience Group, and fittingly enough will speak about "Collaboration revealed through social network analysis."

Kate last graced the pages of Connectedness after she and I spoke about maximizing influence through a social network (which generated this followup on finding key players in a network).

When I most recently met with Kate, we talked about more basic challenges, like educating people about what SNA is good for. Kate is contributing to that cause through her ongoing research and publishing, including her leadership of the the innovation project at the Network Roundtable.

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