Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Connectedness!

One year ago Bill Ives told me I should try blogging. Thanks, Bill!

I've had a lot of fun writing since then. Just as Bill explained to me, this blog has been a wonderful personal filing cabinet, of great use to me even if nobody else reads it. But it does get more exciting when people do read it, which has been happening increasingly often of late. Below is the year in visits and page views. June is on pace to be our biggest month yet--if y'all can keep stopping by even while I'm off the Internet for the next week. Thanks for reading, everybody!


morning_glory said...

I read a few SNA blogs (including visible-path and patti's). Connectedness is the most useful in my opinion. It's like a shortcut to learn SNA for me.

Thanks a lot. And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy paper anniversary