Thursday, June 19, 2008

Network Centrality: All Your Links Are Belong to Us

Yesterday was a full moon. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. What better day to celebrate the brightest metric known to network science: centrality.

Connectedness celebrates centrality by putting Google, the world's most popular centrality-based tool, to work. For any set of keywords you can imagine, Google points you to the center of that universe. Each link below does exactly that, using the highlighted text as the keywords. Results are real-time and may change after this post goes to press.
No celebration of centrality would be complete without asking, "What universe am I the center of?" For Connectedness, the answer is: sears refrigerator customer service repairman. To all my readers, let me say: Welcome to the inner sanctum.

While you're celebrating having "arrived," let me add that this weekend is the fourth birthday of Connectedness. All the more reason for jubilation.

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Jeff Miller said...

Hi from Indy Bruce...

Happy Anniversary, and thanks for the provocative stuff you continue to share. I have a simple question...

In your vast treasure trove of resources are there any video clips that do a decent job of describing/showing a lot of this organizational network "stuff"? I've seen the videos on Starfish and Spider that are on Google and Youtube, but are there other little gems out there that you may be aware of? Thanks!

jeff miller