Thursday, April 03, 2008

KM 0.0 by Dave Pollard

Recently I was invited by HP's knowledge management (KM) connector Stan Garfield to join a conference call that featured Dave Pollard. It was the first I heard the expression "KM 0.0", which was perhaps coined by Dave here. Dave describes KM 1.0 as "content and collection," and KM 0.0 as "context and connection." This not only makes for a poetic KM checklist, but it also reminds us that the better we get at KM, the more our KM draws from pre-historic roots of humanity.

My attempt in the conference call to agree with Dave did not get very far. Too many ideas in my head and not enough sense out of my mouth, I think. Nevertheless, those who want to support Dave's "KM 0.0" notion will do well to notice how 1920's anthropological study of archaic societies anticipates this 2006 MIT Sloan Management Review cover on "Enterprise 2.0."

Dave's poem also deserves more consideration:

Content, collection;
Context, connection.

I interpret this poem as a tribute to and other exemplars of the Long Tail phenomenon--digital hosts who provide not only content but also ways for users to interact through their experience of that content. It's an amazingly successful network recipe cooked with equal measures of centrality, clustering, and structural equivalence.

Too many ideas in my head now, so I must sign off.

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Valdis said...

Hmm... collections and connections... I recently commented on that, coming to the conclusion: A community thrives by its connections, not by its collections!