Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Minutes for Marty Kearns of Netcentric Campaigns

Last week I enjoyed a presentation by Marty Kearns of Netcentric Campaigns and Green Media Toolshed. My big take-away was the notion of the 10-minute volunteer: if someone shows up willing to help me for 10 minutes, and will just as surely forget about me in 11 minutes, how can I make use of this gift? Most people would rather ignore such a flighty volunteer, but Marty makes a great case for bringing them in, just for those 10 minutes. For example, "Where are they now?" runs a massively distributed phone campaign to expose dubious staffer moves within Congress.

OK my 10 minutes is up. Coming soon--a closer look at the (in)famous sexual relationship network of Jefferson High School, which Marty used as part of his introduction:

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Marty Kearns said...

Great meeting you in person. I look forward to your riff on the "Jefferson High-School Map". I am also working to make the training and model available over at http://www.advocacy2.org