Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Mazel Tov: SNA fun for the whole family

Paul Sweeney comments "teaching is tiring" after my last post. I have to agree, as I plow my way through a pile of 60 final exams (400 pages in all) that I must grade singlehandedly. BU gives me 48 hours to submit grades after the students put down their pencils. Ugh.

It's a pretty good exam, which makes the grading tolerable. If you're bored this Christmas weekend, give it to your kids and let the fun begin!

Thanks also to Simon Clay Michael for teaching me the handy phrase "Merry Mazel Tov."

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Simon Clay Michael said...

I wish I could take the credit, but Ron Gompertz, author of Chrismukkah: Everything You Need to Know to Celebrate the Hybrid Holiday
alerted me to the alternative PC greeting.