Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The New Tastemakers (NY Times)

Today I am very busy preparing my first ever lecture at Boston University, where I am about to teach Online Social Networks under the guise of "CS-103: Introduction to Internet Technologies and Web Programmming."

Conveniently, last Sunday's NY Times Arts & Leisure section supplied me with my lecture material. Check out this wonderful front-page article on how traditional music experts (FM radio program managers, record label talent artists) are losing power and influence to online services.

Strangely, the front page graphic features a social network map, even though Pandora.com, the most prominent online music service in the article, is not really driven by social network technology. See The Music Genome Project for more.

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amylc16 said...

I'm really enjoying your class. And this is coming from someone who is technologically impaired haha. I like the practical application and am hopeful I won't want to take sludge hammer to my computer as often after I learn more. i've been waiting for a class like yours since I came to BU.