Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Office Chart That Really Counts (Business Week)

BusinessWeek has a great spread this week on social network analysis. In "The office chart that really counts," BW reports how SNA can help locate experts and help new leaders get up to speed faster. (See this recent post for additional insight on SNA and leadership.) BW reports on the growing ranks of big corporations using SNA, and also summarizes some of the potential disruptions caused by SNA (with tips on lessening them). The article includes this chart of when SNA is useful:
Accompanying the article is a nice interview with Kate Ehrlich, a colleague of mine whose recently contributed to this post on collaboration. In the interview ("IBM: Untangling office connections") Kate describes why SNA's time has come, echoing sentiments of SNA luminary David Krackhardt. Kate also describes the insights SNA provides into the three stages of innovation--butressing the argument that three is the only number that really counts in SNA.

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