Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Improving business productivity and leadership with a network perspective

Shameless self-promotional plug:

I am running a day-long workshop, "Improving Your Business With Social Network Analysis," Friday October 21, 2005, in downtown Boston.

The workshop will equip managers and consultants with the skills necessary to improve both productivity of core business units and leadership development with social network analysis (SNA). Social network analysis is a powerful visual and mathematical technique that can be used to create a picture of an organization or group and build a better understanding of how it really works. Participants will learn the benefits of seeing business from a network perspective and how to realize those benefits using UCINET, the world's leading SNA software. No previous SNA experience of any kind is required, but familiarity with Microsoft Excel is assumed.

Class begins with an introduction to accelerating business results with a network perspective. The bulk of the class will continue with a detailed business case study. As students explore the case study, they will learn by discussion and extensive hands-on exercises how to work with network data, analyze it, and create compelling pictures that show how to improve workflow, leadership development, and talent management.

Register now to receive the earlybird discount and guarantee yourself a spot in the class.


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