Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Join the Flock

As I mentioned just a few days ago, there's a new blog you might want to check out. Mike Prescott's SocialSpace reports on social network analysis & software, knowledge management, and business.

Mike tipped me off to Flock and I am happy to share that bit of buzz with you. It's the latest hot demo piece of social software that the uber-cool get to preview while the rest of us drool over the screenshots. You can read the buzz yourself at the socialsoftwareweblog, which caught it from Roland Tanglao, who got it directly from the source at Flock.com.

Rather than report on the software (which I don't have anyway) I'd like to tip my cap to the viral marketers of the world and remind the rest of us to read the NY Times' unsettling account of why their methods are so successful.


mike said...

Roland is a great resource, that's for sure. I worked with him briefly a few years ago on developing blogging software out here in Vancouver. I have a feeling Roland might be a hub on a social network map!

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