Monday, August 01, 2005

Centrality: a social network view of leadership

Last Friday I visited with Charles River Analytics, a cheery bunch of PhDs who build DoD-sponsored software prototypes. After my talk, "Centrality: a social network view of leadership," we compared notes on leadership in the context of adversary modeling and leadership in the context of organizational consulting. Funny how such different desired ends can still lead to the pursuit of similar means.

If you want a copy of my slides, just email me and I'll send them your way.


Alex Feinman (CRA) said...

It was a fairly interesting exercise, but I think revealed more about the effects of the limited data collection that you restricted yourself to, than about the subject matter. Ah, well. There's a potential experiment in that -- take some data, cut it up according to some measure (say, limit N(outgoing) to 1, or 2, or 3, or...), and watch how the graph evolves...

Anonymous said...

I was interested in benefits listed for the CRA Occam tool - "
... results in more effective, safer, and ultimately lower-cost military operations in non-traditional warfare."

Is that in increasing or decreasing level of importance?

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