Thursday, May 12, 2005

Social Network Analysis Master Class June 13-15

"Despite its growing popularity among consultants and scholars, many people find it hard to begin using social network analysis (SNA) because its methods and software programs seem too daunting or complex."

So says the flier for an upcoming SNA master class, and I couldn't agree more. The master class aims to give experienced consultants hands-on experience and a big push up the steep learning curve of SNA.

The class will run June 13-15 at Boston College's Carroll School of Management. It will be taught by Inga Carboni and Pacey Foster, and will feature guest appearances by luminaries Steve Borgatti, Bill Torbert, and Patti Anklam.

I attended a wonderful two-day UCINET seminar taught by Inga a few months ago and recommend this workshop as a great way to get up to speed with SNA.

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