Thursday, March 24, 2005

Coming to the Mass Bay OD Learning Group April 21

[Patti Anklam and I are really looking forward to our presentation at the OD Learning Group April 21. RSVPs are being accepted starting today and it will probaby sell out fairly quickly, due to limited space. See for more information.]

Social Network Analysis

A tool to help the OD practitioner

  • Create a powerful picture of an organization,
  • Convey the whole-system OD perspective to your client,
  • Identify key roles hidden inside an organization,
  • Understand better how an organization really works.

The meeting will include practical case studies, a participatory social network analysis of ODLG with discussion, and an overview of resources you can use to grow your practice with the power of social network analysis.


Valdis said...

Would be interested in hearing your feedback of the session... I have presented SNA to an OD group several times [1990, 1994, 2000] and it was a dud each time. They seem to have their own way of doing things and anything not related is viewed with suspicion [like all groups!]

Maybe just bad timimg on my part?

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