Monday, January 03, 2005

Social bookmarks

From my buddy Neal Young comes word of StumbleUpon, a service that lets me rank any website I happen to see with a simple thumb up or down. Then whenever I get the itch, I can click the "Stumble" button on my browser and discover a new page I never knew about, that has been highly rated by other subscribers with interests similar to mine.

From George Siemens comes a vision of furl as a low-overhead blog. Furl lets me save my Internet bookmarks in an online database that I can choose to make public. When a particular page really catches my eye, furl will tell me not only which of its subscribers have "furled" that very page, but also what other pages those folks have furled. For an extremely relevant example of this, see the new "Who is FURLing SNA" link at the top of my links section.

From Denham Grey comes a review of as a social bookmarking tool for knowledge management.

OK! I have finally crossed my threshold of adaptation and will climb aboard the social bookmarking bandwagon. After a little Googling, I highly recommend this comparative review of furl and by Andy Roberts.

And don't forget to check out StumbleUpon too -- it's by far the most fun-oriented of the three.

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