Friday, January 28, 2005

I am ready for Sunbelt XXV

The International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) organizes the annual Sunbelt Conference. It's one of the world's premier events in the field of SNA.

INSNA started this conference XIV years after the NFL got the idea for the Superbowl. This year's edition, Sunbelt XXV, will be held in Redondo Beach, CA, February XVI-XX. Thankfully that's X days after Superbowl XXXIX, so I will have a chance to cheer the Patriots with the home fans before gleefully escaping our brutal winter (XL inches of snow in the last week with temperatures in the X's) for the sun of southern California.

In the spirit of Sunbelt, I am planning some fun along with the business. For starters, the first day of the conference is my birthday! I will be celebrating with a couple dear friends (who recently moved to CA) and an uncle of mine. Coincidentally, my uncle was also born February XVI, so we'll get to celebrate our birthday together for the first time ever.

INSNA posted the preliminary schedule for Sunbelt XXV not long ago. (Thanks to Bill Ives for bringing this to my attention.)

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