Friday, November 12, 2004

scale|free by Anu Gupta

I was recently visiting a good SNA wiki and discovered a link to scalefree by Anu Gupta. Anu discusses social network analysis, communities of practice, and knowledge management, and has a good list of resources.

Yesterday Anu shared an introduction to SNA and why to use it, published by the Austrian consulting firm FAS.research, which focuses its entire business on social network analysis.

Not long ago Anu also shared an SNA-organizational performance reading list, assembled by Wendi Backler from suggestions of the SOCNET mailing list. I am on the SOCNET mailing list myself and it's a great resource for anyone really interested in social network analysis. It's a big, talkative, and mostly academic crowd, so I do fall behind from time to time. For my personal interests, scalefree has a better signal-to-noise ratio and I am glad to have found it.

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