Monday, November 01, 2004

Pre-Election Special

Just in case you've had your nose buried in the collected works of Ron Burt and Robert Putnam for the last two years, let me bring you into the moment: Tomorrow is election day! It's time for the citizens of America to speak. Here's hoping it's all over by Wednesday!

In the combined spirit of our crazy political system and Halloween, I dressed up as the "Electoral Collage" Saturday night. With my red face paint and blue-tinted sunglasses, many guessed I was dressed as Spiderman or some other superhero. But I polarized the red and blue patches over my body (as well as my eyewear) with the relatively serious intent of depicting our country's dire need of bridging social capital.

Here I am accepting "Spooky Halloween Barbie," the official grand prize for best costume:

The "Electoral Collage" Posted by Hello

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