Thursday, January 18, 2007

Friendly intro to network math from Google Page Creator

Yesterday was the first lecture of my web science class at BU. I am already learning a lot from my teaching fellow, Sowmya Manjanatha, who is much more expert in web programming than I am. She just introduced me to Google Lab's Page Creator -- a great (if quirky) web service that allows newbies to dive in and make slick-looking web pages in seconds.

Within a minute of signing up for Page Creator, I did a copy and paste from Word and --voila-- here is my online syllabus. I also reposted my Introduction to Network Mathematics, which came out equally great except for the malfunctioning table of contents links. The real version of my Intro to Net Math resides on the class website, which requires registation but does allow "guest" access with a simple click.

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