Thursday, January 12, 2006

The future of organizational development, social networks, and Web 2.0

Happy New Year everybody! Connectedness, the blog, is getting off to slow start this year. But that's because everything else around here is jumping. Here are some future attractions that are coming soon--
  1. Check out the online conference on Web 2.0 being hosted this month by CPsquare. Next week this conference's featured track will be social networks. Patti Anklam, Bill Ives, and yours truly will be kicking off the networking track with a global conference call Tuesday January 17, 3pm EST. (Actually, the three of us are all in the Boston area, but we expect/hope many others will join our phone conversation from all corners of the globe.)
  2. Also next week, I am co-facilitating (with Curdina Hill of ClearWays to Freedom) a discussion on "Hot New Practice Areas in OD," hosted by the Massachusetts Bay OD Learning Group, Thursday January 19. If you can't join us in Boston but are curious to hear more, I encourage you to scan this PowerPoint file and bibliography on the "Future of OD" as presented last November at ODLG. The PowerPoint lists a handful of "urgent opportunities" in OD that I will discuss further in an upcoming post.
  3. Curious to learn the basics of how "social networks" can help you develop your professional leadership and growth? My introductory "Power Networking" workshop may interest you. It will be hosted by ideasAloft on Wednesday evening February 1 in Newburyport, MA.

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SusNyrop said...

hi, I was unable to call in todays, telecon at cpsq, just wanted to say the recording is of excellent quality and I'm now listening with growing interest. The web20 growth is amazing and I'm learning new stuff all the time. Such as the reference to Outfoxed which has to be in my next to-do round when I have some spare time. PS And yes, LinkedIn sucks; I hate getting bulk invitations from smartasses with huge numbers of people in his net. That's definitely untrustworthy!