Friday, October 28, 2005


Here's another addition to my right hand column: Meshforum. My colleagues Shannon Clark, Jack Vinson, and Scott Allen in Chicago are connecting network-thinking from a wide array of business and academic perspectives.

Their mission statement says:

Networks form the basis of everything, from how your body works to who you know, from how power is distributed to how the store on the corner is kept stocked. Networks are in the news, from the elections to anti-terrorism, to investigations of financial markets and the Blackout in the US.

Whether you are an academic, a business leader, or a politician, understanding Networks is a requirement for success in the 21st century. Recent research has shown similarities in the shape, structure, and growth of networks across many fields.

MeshForum will bring together experts and leaders from many fields for two days of Connecting Networks. In a single, highly participatory track, panels of experts and select speakers will cover topics from summarizing current academic research to techniques for navigating and activating networks in specific industries.

Exchanging knowledge and different views and perspectives will be the order of the day.

To be held May 2nd and 3rd in Chicago with an opening reception on May 1st. MeshForum will have a maximum size of 300 attendees.

If you are interested in attending, presenting at, or sponsoring MeshForum, please contact Shannon Clark.

To be kept informed about what is happening with MeshForum, keep checking our website, or sign up for our MeshForum Updates mailing list at YahooGroups.

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