Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Personal Social Network Action Plan

Thanks to Peter Gloor for pointing me a while ago to "Who Knows Whom, and Who Knows What," an article about business to business SNA in June's CIO Magazine.

Patti Anklam wrote a nice follow-up to this article, saying,
"It's not 'doing SNA' to a group of people, it's developing work habits that embrace creating and sustaining networks of relationships and managing them responsibly; SNA is just a diagnostic that often helps stimulate the thinking around the change. But the real changes are in work habits and work practices, in understanding how people accomplish their work, the roles of other people in that accomplishment, and moving that work to a higher level."
Many others have also commented on this article in the weeks since its publication, including Visible Path and MeshForum.

So far I haven't seen anyone else mention my most favorite part of the article, which is a link to Rob Cross's Personal Social Network Action Plan. It puts SNA data in the context of what one individual can do to be more effective in her work, and it reads like a thoughtful reply to Patti's comment, quoted above.


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