Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Wonderful World of Wikis

I made a couple changes to my template today. First I wanted to share links to some of the social network analysis resources that I've found helpful. So you can see a few new links just below my profile, to the right. I also put a few more details in my profile, and I discovered that Blogger offers a fun little service to connect fellow devotees. Sometime I am going to have to throw a party for my fellow Blogger fans of "Anna Karenina."

A couple of the links I have added are to wikis. I first heard about wikis from my friend Bill Ives who has published several helpful posts about this emerging technology. Basically a wiki is like an online whiteboard where any number of people can register for their own marker and eraser. Everyone gets to edit whatever, whenever she wants, and (unlike the crazy world of MS Word revisions mode) the end result is nothing more or less than what the last person left when she was done editing. It's a great way to assemble a community reference document, provided that the topic of reference is reasonably well defined and the community of interest acts fairly responsibly.

I just registered for the UCINET/SNA wiki founded by the Essex SNA Summer School of 2004. This new wiki already has a nice collection of links to all kinds of resources in the world of social network analysis (SNA). If you notice any omissions, just sign up and then you can edit the wiki yourself. We'll all be grateful for your referrals.

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